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These screens can be built into any structure, any where any time, extremely portable and quick to setup.

LED Screen for rental - anywhere, anytime with

MEG Productions

Our Outdoor 8mm virtual pitch (16mm pixel pitch) screens are made up of lightweight panels 1024mm x 768mm allowing us to create from small to large standard screens or a variety of interesting different formats.

Standard Screen sizes :

Our Indoor P6.944 SMD LED screen is great for presentations, and stage back drop screens especially where the event is in a high ambient light enviroment or where, due to stage lighting shinning at the screen, projection would not be suitable. Also with video mapping software very intresting stage deisgns can be created.

Our 12.5mm virtual (25mm pixel pitch) screens are made up of panels 1200mm x 1200mm which can be configured into screens. Due to there unique dimensions they work very well as background on stage for fashion shows, corporate events or any other functions where normal stage “flats” would have been used. 1.2m or2.4m  high and as wide as required. G

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