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Why so many different LED Screen resolutions ?

When choosing an LED Billboard or LED Screen for your application the following needs to be taken into account.

When LED panels are costed, you basically paying for the number of LED's per square meter as the resolution increases so does the number of LED's. This is why the price of a P10mm real and P25mm real pixel pitch is so different per square meter.

So how do I know I am getting the right resolution ? In choosing resolutions the following needs to be considered. The minimum distance will determine the resolution required the maximum distance will determine overall size. Now a P10mm real pixel pitch will give a great picture 10 to 12 meters away but if you need a screen viewable from 150meter you are going to need a large screen and this is where the trade off will occur. It will be a matter of balancing budget with maximum concentration of viewers.

If most of your viewers are a distance greater than 20 - 25 meters away look at a lower res screen but try go as larger as possible. If they are closer the overall size matters less - go for the highest resolution.

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